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We have a group of 25-40 people that get together for our annual Halloween Campout in Marseilles, Illinois. This year, we're having a scavenger hunt.


Outdoor Games For Children

The Best Outdoor Games For Children, Kids and Outdoor Activity Are A Must.

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Finding Sea Creatures!

We always bring a few big buckets and dig clams out of the sand... after that, we put a layer of water on top and grab seaweed out of the water and shake

Continue reading "Finding Sea Creatures!"


With 3 or more people you can play this game. Get every one to lay on there stomach's with their hands by their side. If you have ten people that are playing

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Bumble Bee Bumble Bee, I see something you do not see and the color is...

My daughter's and I can play this game for hours. One person looks around the room and chooses a color of an object. Then the others playing try to guess

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Cops And Robers

This game you will need a 2 equal group. How this game works is that 1group will be the cops and the 2group will be the robers. The cops will give a

Continue reading "Cops And Robers"

Malteaser Mayhem

You'll need : malteasers, flour, plate, old clothes What you need to do is put your flour on the plate to form a tower and bury the malteasers put your

Continue reading "Malteaser Mayhem"

Sleeping Giant

Break children into 4 teams. Each child on each team then numbers themselves off - 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Each team will now have a number 1, a number 2, etc.

Continue reading "Sleeping Giant"

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a different Halloween idea? Plan a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Continue reading "Halloween Scavenger Hunt"

A Yummy Smores Recipe You're Sure to Love!

You're sure to find a smores recipe you'll love here! Smores are a MUST for any camping outing, BUT- there are more ways than one to make a smore treat!

Continue reading "A Yummy Smores Recipe You're Sure to Love!"

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