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Camping Scavenger Hunt!

Ready for an awesome Camping Scavenger Hunt adventure? Are you headed for the hills, and just a bit concerned there might not be enough excitement to keep your family occupied (especially the younger gang)? Peace, quiet, and solitude is a wonderful goal of many camping trips, but sometimes ya just need something a little different to change the pace- especially if lots of little feet are around. Planning a scavenger hunt could be just the thing to bond everyone together~ have you experienced something like this on one of your outings? What's your favorite camping game memory?

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If you haven't experienced a fun camping adventure, you may wonder- where do I start? If you have a large group of fellow campers and a large campground with lots of camping friends, you could divide into teams. If there aren't too many of you, stick with a hunt using individual players. Next, decide on the scavenger structure. Would you like to simply search for a predetermied list of items, or would you like to hunt through the campground asking fellow campers to help out? For instance, maybe a can of beans is on your list, and you need another camper to help supply the item.

Some great camping scavenger hunt items found in nature or just laying around include:

  • a smooth rock
  • a feather
  • an earthworm
  • a red leaf
  • moss
  • a ladybug
  • a butterfly
  • a very straight stick
  • a tadpole
  • aluminum can
  • plastic water bottle
  • pine needles
  • pinecones
  • acorns
  • piece of bark
  • 'y' shaped tree branch
  • unused bird nest
  • a toad
  • an old railroad tie
  • a piece of limestone
  • a clover leaf
  • a flower of specified color
  • a thorn
  • a nail
  • a thistle
  • a dandelion
  • a piece of twine or string
  • a piece of material
  • a penny
  • a pen
  • Variations can be made to suit any game. Depending on the ages, instead of naming the item, you could say- the largest of these items is the winner. For example, the largest rock you can carry, or the largest leaf that makes it back will win for that catergory. Depending on the time of year, you can also change your items to suit the season. It might be difficult to find a red leaf in the summer, but it also adds a new element when a player finds a camper with red nail polish to paint a leaf red :)

    Want to make the hunt a bit more lively, and include some of the campers in the campground? It's time to get creative! One tiny word of caution here- be a good sport! Some campers may desire TOTAL peace and may not appreciate a bunch of children asking for items. Also, make sure you have permission to take something that doesn't belong to you, and as always, make sure to return any borrowed items- maybe even include a thank-you gift of a s'more with the returned item :)

    If your players are older and each is 'armed' with a digital camera or photo-capacity phone, you could include pictures in your hunt- such as: someone climbing the highest tree, a player posing with 2 grandmothers or a baby, someone sitting on a tractor, etc. Scavenger hunt ideas for kids are only as limited as your imagination!

    Some more interesting kids outdoor scavenger hunt items that may need the help of other campers could be: (If your campsite happens to have most of these items, you could make a rule that you aren't allowed to use things from your own site.)

  • a can of beans
  • a can-opener
  • a s'more
  • a hot dog
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • toothpaste
  • a pocket knife-for older players!
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • bag of chips
  • iron skillet
  • matches- for older players!
  • a newspaper
  • a 'best-seller' book
  • a Bible
  • 'y' shaped tree branch
  • graham crackers
  • an empty ice cream cone
  • an apple
  • a stuffed animal
  • cereal
  • a flower pot
  • a candy bar
  • a sign
  • bird seed
  • a toaster
  • a wrench
  • a cup of flour
  • a straw
  • an umbrella

  • Now it's YOUR turn! What is the CRAZIEST camping scavenger hunt item you've had to look for? Inquiring readers and families want to know~

    Have THE BEST camping scavenger hunt story or picture?

    Share with us! Simply tell us about the best camping scavenger hunt item you've found, the funniest story about what happened, or a picture of the hunt- remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Your submission will become your own web-page for all to view and leave comments. Help others come up with unique treasure ideas to find!

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