Outdoor Games For Children

With 4 home schooled children, we needed to find the best outdoor games for children to help maintain our sanity! (Mostly my wife's!)

Finding a balance for TV, video games and schoolwork is important. Too much of one is not good. So we set out to find some good children's outdoor games. Children need outdoor activity- it is crucial to their physical and mental development!

So often, we get caught in the rat-race of everyday life, we tend to use the TV or video games for a babysitter, without realizing the damage we are causing our children. I remember when I was their age, I would only come inside for food!! We road our bikes everywhere, went to the ball field, and played games like Indian Ball or Freeze Tag. We were physically fit, and our little minds were always coming up with new outside games.

I've taken a trip down memory lane, putting together some fun outdoor games for kids that you can play with friends and family!

Ages 3 ~ 6

Ages 6 ~ 10

Outdoor Water Games

Beach Games

Scavenger Hunts

How about a fun family picnic~ don't forget the s'mores! S'mores are a great outdoor activity for kids! Also, check out Healthy Picnics a great site to help plan the perfect family outing! Why not try some fun balloon games at your outing? The Balloon Decoration Guide has some great ideas for Balloon Games, both offline and online.

Here is an easy way to find your favorite kids games available on or the World Wide Web!


We would love to hear from our visitors~ "What are your favorite children's outside games?" Send us a quick description.

The next time you visit our site, you may see it listed here on "outdoor games for children," for all to try!

(Or click on "Visitors Favorite Fun Kids Games" on our homepage) Enjoy, and please visit often!

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