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Plan A Birthday They Will Love!

Birthday parties are a time of fun and games. However, planning age appropriate kids party games can often be a challenge. But with some simple planning, you can come up with indoor party games that all of the guests will truly enjoy.

If you have a theme to the party, you can adjust most of the games to fit the theme and give it that extra special touch. An old time favorite birthday party idea is musical chairs. However, you can spice the game up by adjusting it to the parties theme.

For instance, if you are hosting a Strawberry Shortcake party, you could play

*Musical Strawberries: Simply cut strawberries out of felt and place in circle. Then, you could play Strawberry Shortcake music. When the music stops, the kids all try to land on a strawberry. Remember, start with one less strawberry than there are kids. After each round, remove a strawberry, until only one remains. The winner of the game is the one that lands on the last strawberry.

*Dress Up Relay Race: For this game, you will need two baskets of clothing and two teams. In the baskets, place items such as adult pants, shirts, shoes, hats etc. The kids will need to get fully dressed in the clothes, race to the other end of the room, and give the clothes to a fellow team mate to put on. After they have the clothes on, they race back for another team member to put the clothes on. The team which finishes first wins the game.

-- Kids Party Games --

*Balloon Burst: For this game you will need enough balloons for each kid at the party to have one. In one of the balloons, place the piece of paper in it that says winner. In all of the other balloons, place a blank piece of paper. Pass out the balloons and have the kids try and burst them, any way they can. The child that burst the balloon with the paper that says “winner” is the winner of the game.

*Bead Relay Race: Divide the guests into two teams and give each team a bowl full of beads and an ice cream scoop. On the other end of the room, place two empty bowls that are identical in size. On the count of three, the first person in line fills the ice cream scoop up with beads and crawls to the empty bowl and places the beads in the bowl. The player must keep their other hand behind their back at all times. Once that player dumps his beads, he returns the ice cream scoop to the next player in line and they take their turn. The team who fills up their bowl first, wins the game.

-- Kids Party Games --

*Duck, Duck, Goose: Simply have the kids all sit in a circle. One player will go around and lightly tap each kid on the back and say duck. When he wants to choose a kid to chase him, he will then say goose. That player must try and catch the other one, before he comes back around to the second players spot. If he makes it back in time, then player number two is now the “ducker”.

*Memory: Find 10-15 different items that will fit on a cookie sheet or tray. Allow the guests to look at the items for a total of sixty seconds. After the time is up, remove the items from the guest’s sight and see which player can remember the most items. The player who recalls the most items wins the game.

-- Kids Party Games --

*Auctioneer: This is generally best played at either a sleepover party or a party of girls who have purses. Simply have the girls bring their purse or bag of items to the game. Then, an auctioneer calls off items such as a tube of lipgloss, calculator, cellphone or pencil. The auctioneer can also call for someone who is wearing green socks or has braces on their teeth. For each player that has the item, they get a point. The player with the most points wins the game.

No matter what kids party games you choose for your child’s party, be sure to consider the age of the guests, as well as the theme of the party. With some simple planning, your guests will be having a great time playing the games you planned for them.

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