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Looking for FUN Beach Games for kids? After our recent vacation we found lots of fun games for the children (and adults too!) to play for hours. You can keep things as simple or complex as you like. (You may not realize just how complex a sandcastle can become!)

For our family, we soon discovered the simpler, the better. We purchased all of that fancy-smanshie plastic sand castle paraphernalia and drug it to the beach (phew!), only to find the children enjoyed the simple buckets the most. Oh-- and as always, don't forget that eyes should be kept on small children, (even big ones too!) because those waves can very quickly become quite rough for little feet... And now, back to beach games for kids!

Apart from their endless hours of sand sculpting, some of our children's favorite games included:

Beach Tic-Tac-Toe~ Simply use your finger as a pencil and "X and O" away!

Beach Hangman~ Same concept- your fingers are your tools on the sand. You are only as limited as your mind is in thinking up words!

Beach Bocce 'Shell'~ This seemed to be our children's favorite beach game. Each child drew a line in which they stood behind, and a circle in front of the line. The opposing child did the same thing on his 'end' of the beach and they then took turns seeing how close they could throw the shell in the targeted circle. You could make the circles as large or as small as desired, and increase or decrease the distance between the opposing children.

Beach Art~ Each day, our children loved spending their mornings planning and creating their new sand art. Even the sadness of older children stomping on their creations later in the day didn't stop their new ideas. We went from a "Castle L'Orange" completed with a crate of oranges washed up from a cruise ship, to a sand sea turtle with a baby turtle. But the children's favorite? "Casa 4 Kids"- every child's dream castle. You could spend hours designing your own beach creations! And don't forget to watch out for that high tide- it doesn't always appreciate weakly-built castles! :)

Now- what about you? We want to hear from YOU! What are YOUR favorite beach games for kids or adults? Do you have THE best game ever created, or the BEST picture ever showing your activity in action? Let others share your FUN!

What's YOUR favorite Beach Activity?

Do you have a favorite beach game, activity, or memory to share? Did you capture the PERFECT beach snapshot? How about a picture of THE best sand castle ever? We'd LOVE to hear from YOU! By sharing here, your submission will make your own web-page contribution and inspire others to have FUN in the SUN!

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