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As parents, we enjoy doing toddler crafts and art activity

with our children. Not only does it give us a break from the mundane, but it gives something for our toddler to do to keep those little hands busy.

For a toddler, art activity is not just something to kill time; toddler art activity is a way of learning about themselves and the world around them. As a parent we may not understand the importance of doing art projects with our children at a very young age.

At our house we like to display the masterpieces are children create on the refrigerator, or even in the family room. At times we use them as gifts, especially during the holidays for family and friends.

During all of this time we know that our youngsters are growing ever proud of their creations. Oftentimes we do not realize how much these creations are helping to build their self worth!

We had to make a special box to keep all their projects in!! We would usually display our toddler art projects for at least a week and then store in Mom and Dads project box!

"Tip" From the start, explain to your toddler that you only keep the very best or you better get yourself a very BIG box..

Ready to get started? Great!! Check out our family's favorites!!

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