Want A Rockin' Party?
Planning a Scavenger Hunt Can Be Just What You Need!

Planning a scavenger hunt- where do you start? Are you planning a party and not quite sure just how to entertain all those guests, old or young? Planning a scavenger hunt can be the PERFECT solution! Scavenger hunts will help your group to bond together, regardless of age. You can adjust your treasure hunt for any theme or any group of people. Not really sure what a scavenger hunt is? Where do you start? You'll need to give thought to the following questions and steps:

1st~ Do you have a party theme? Maybe you need a fun camping party idea? Or maybe you're looking for a new way to celebrate Halloween? Is this going to be a casual family get-together, or a small party for your children? Decide what the purpose of your party or event is before you decide on your scavenger hunt game. Will the game be played individually, or do you have enough people to play in teams? You'll want to know if you need something to occupy just an hour or two of your event, or if you'll be planning your entire party around the scavenger hunt.

2nd~ Now that you have a theme, or an idea of the kind of hunt you'll want, you'll need to know where the scavenger game will take place. Will weather be a factor if you decide to go outdoors? Will you be able to drive around the neighborhood if adults are playing? Plan the items you'll be looking for accordingly. If it's a neighborhood hunt, you could go door-to-door asking for things such as 1/2 cup of sugar and fun items that neighbors may have on hand.

3rd~ Now that you have a theme and an idea where the scavenger hunt will take place, it's time to plan your list of scavenger items. Think outside the box! You might want to keep things simple if this is a hunt for children (such as finding a list of items in the backyard), but if adults are playing you can make clues fot the items, instead of listing the items themselves.

4th~ You'll want to print a list of each item, or clues for the items, for each guest playing the game. Decide if there will be a time limit, or if it will be the first player back with all items that will win.

5th~ Don't forget the prize~ what's in it for the winner? Think of a prize that fits your scavenger hunt theme. If it's a neighborhood scavenger hunt, and your guests are finding things like cups of sugar, flour, eggs, etc, have a prize of fresh cookies and punch waiting. You could make a kitchen cookie gift basket with a new rolling pin, cookie sheet, etc. The possibilities are only as limited as your mind.

Planning a scavenger hunt doesn't have to be overwheliming. If you just simply can't decide on a theme or the process seems too much for you, you can use the services of an outside company to help.

Scavenger hunt activities and games are sure to be the hit of your party for both young and old!

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