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Welcome to fun activities for kids. Here you will find an ever-growing list of the best games kids can play. If you're like our family, you need fun activities for kids in all age groups.

Most outdoor activities kids do can be played together no matter what the age. But some outside kids games are needed to fulfill the older children's ever growing physical needs.

We have started with some of our Family's favorites. What are your favorites? Help our family create the largest free resource of fun activities for kids on the internet, use this form and share your favorite game. "Pay-It-Forward" and take part in this free resource for all to use!

Who knows you may even find a new favorite for your Family!

Recommended for ages 6-10 and up. Enjoy!

Fun Activities For Kids Ages 6 And Up

*Flying Saucers: You will need some paper plates, paper cups and scotch tape. Begin by helping the children cut the cups in half. Take the bottom half of the cup and cut small slits along the cut edge, and then bend them out to make flaps. Fasten the cup with tape to the top of paper plate. Finally help them to cut slits along the edge of paper plate, and fold each one alternately forwards or backwards. This will help saucer fly better. They can use crayons or markers to create their own unique alien spacecraft! Take the saucers outside and see who's alien craft can go the farthest! It will take some practice, it only takes a gentle flick of the wrist to launch. My youngest beat the older two every time!

*Bobbing For Apples: You will need large bowls full of water and a bag of apples. Place one apple in each bowl of water per child. When the adult says go, children must catch apple with their teeth and eat without using their hands. This game can be a lot of fun on those hot summer days. Also great for birthday parties or family picnics. With any water game we recommend an adult be present at all times!! *Wheelbarrow Races: First designate a start and finish line. Then divide the children into pairs. Let them decide who will be the wheelbarrow and who will be the pusher. The wheelbarrow must get down on their hands while the pusher grabs them by the legs. Have them line up on the starting line and Go!! Have them take turns being a wheelbarrow and a pusher. The kids love this game and it's quite humorous to watch.

-- Fun Activities For Kids --

*Tug Of War: This is a great game for birthday parties or a family picnic. Mark a line on the ground, and get an appropriate sized rope. Arrange the children and adults evenly on either side of the rope. Object is to pull the other side across the line in the middle. If you really want to have some fun with this game, try game over a small mud hole or wet sand. *Piggy In The Middle: Have two children stand at least 20 ft apart, with the third child in the middle. The child in the middle is the "Piggy". As the two children toss the ball back and forth to each other, the Piggy must try to get the ball. If the ball is dropped, all three can try to get the ball. If ball is caught by the Piggy in the middle, child who last threw the ball is the new "Piggy" in the middle. *Simon Says: A classic, but lots of fun!! Have an adult or the oldest child call out commands using the phrase "Simon Says". Such as "Simon Says jump on one foot" or "Simon Says run in place"! The command is only followed if Simon Says! Children are eliminated when they do the wrong thing or Simon didn't Say... The last child standing is the winner!

*Sticks & Stones: First form two even teams, one is Sticks and the other is Stones. Have them stand in two lines facing each other, only a few feet apart. Behind each team (by about 30 giant steps) is a safeline. The referee yells "Sticks" and the sticks take off after the stones who hightail it for their safeline. Any that get caught have to switch sides. Then they reform their lines and do it again.

*Sidewalk Chalk: Simple, inexpensive, and kids love it!! Watch as they turn your sidewalk or driveway into a work of art. Just be sure to wash them off before coming in the house!

-- Fun Activities For Kids --

Fun Activities For Kids Ages 8 And Up

*Donkey: You will need a tennis ball and smooth wall to play this game. Line children up about 6 to 10 feet away from the wall. The person who is "it" will throw the tennis ball against the wall, trying to hit one of the other children when it rebounds. The children in line must jump or move out of the way, to keep from getting hit! When someone is hit they gain a letter, eventually spelling "Donkey". Whenever the word Donkey is spelled, this person is out. Time the game, and the child who has the least number of letters is the winner. Make sure everyone gets a turn to be "it". *Find The Bell: Blindfold all the players except one, this person is "it". The person who is "it" must ring the bell at all times, while the others try to find and tag the bell ringer. The bell ringer can try to move and not be tagged! Lots of fun to watch!!

-- Fun Activities For Kids --

*PG Ball: PG ball is a variation of baseball, only for a baseball you will use a plastic Practice Golf Ball. Great for those that live in an area with limited space. Plastic golf ball is best used with a plastic bat or soft sponge bat. A safe and fun way to play baseball within city limits or small neighborhoods!

*Stone Skipping: The first step is to find the perfect rock!! The best are thin, flat and round. These will skip quite far when the technique is mastered! Demonstrate how to properly hold their thumb and forefinger to form the letter "C". The stone should be gripped in this manner with the flat side of the rock parallel to the ground. Throw away from the body with a sidearm movement, and at the moment of release give a flick of the wrist to cause rock to spin. After some practice, have some fun competitions to see who skips the most or goes the farthest.

*Supersized Croquet: A fun variation of the classic! You will need 9 old wire coat hangers, colored tape, construction paper and balls for the players. Using pliers, cut and bend hangers into a square wicket big enough for the balls to fit through. Have the kids cover the wire with different colored tape. With scissors, cut the construction paper into 9 circles numbering them accordingly, then tape to the wire wickets. Space your new wickets about 5-6 feet apart in a formation of your choice. Now its game time!! Each player gets one kick per turn, trying to make it through the wickets in order. You can also try to knock each other out of contention, but remember you only get to continue if you make it through the wicket in the proper sequence. The first player to get through all 9 wickets in order is the winner!

Fun Activities For Kids Ages 10 And Up

*Balloon Squash: Supplies needed are bag of balloons, can of shaving cream, and two buckets. Players will need to wear old clothing or bathing suits, this game gets messy!! Fill one balloon per player with shaving cream, you may need some extras due to accidental popping! Divide the group into two equal teams. Place balloons in buckets and have each team move equal distances away from the buckets. When the signal is given a player on each team runs to the bucket, takes a balloon and sits on balloon until it pops. Then they can run back and tag the next team member, until they have popped all their balloons. The first team to pop all their balloons and sit down wins!! *Criss Cross: Need at least four or more players. Divide into four equal groups and mark out a large square in the yard. Have each team or child go to a separate corner of the square. Object of the game is to see who can get to the opposite (diagonal) corner the fastest, using the method called out by the leader--usually the parent! The leader could call out hopping or crab walk, etc. Can get very crowded in the middle!! Keep score of which team or individual wins each crossing. The first team or person to 5 wins.

-- Fun Activities For Kids --

*S-P-U-D "Dodge Ball": Soccer ball or kickball will work for this game! Have player's count off and then stand in a circle. The player who is "it" first throws the ball high in the air and calls out one of the player's number. As everyone scatters, the called player tries to grab the ball. When they do, they shout "Spud," at which point the other players must freeze. The ball holder can take two giant steps toward any person, whom they then try to hit with the ball. (Not too hard!) The target person can evade the throw by moving their body but not their feet. If the thrower misses or the target catches the ball, the thrower earns an S. If they hit the target, that person earns an S. Whoever earns the letter becomes "It" and tosses the ball to start the next round. Players are eliminated once they earn S-P-U-D.

*Marble Roll: Fun activities for kids that are ideal for parties! You will need cardboard tubes from either paper towel or wrapping paper tubes, and a couple of marbles. Cut the tubes in equal-length troughs, one for each player. Have the players line up 2-3 feet apart with the first person in line setting the marble in motion. The players cannot touch the marble with their hands and must roll the marble down their trough passing it to the next player. As each player passes the marble, he moves to the end of the line. If a player drops the marble, their out and the marble must start again at the beginning of the line. Whoever is left is the winner! If you have more players try dividing into two teams and see who can keep the marble rolling the longest.

Hope your enjoying Fun Activities For Kids, I'll be adding more soon, so be sure to check back often here at fun activities for kids!!

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