How to Make Smores ~
These are Campfire Smores with a Twist!

Yes~ you probably already know how to make smores. And as simple and incredible as they are, sometimes ya just want something a little different. Keep reading for a few little tweaks on the traditional campfire favorite.

Just in case you're not sure how to make smores, here it is in 4 easy steps.

1- Take 2 graham cracker halves. Carefully place on plate to ensure they don't break into smaller pieces~ while not impossible to accomplish (where there's a will, there's a way!) it can be a tad messy to make the perfect smore when your base is broken.

2- Add a piece or two (or three...) of chocolate- preferably Hershey's :)

3- Toast Marshmallow.

4- Slap together and ENJOY! If you're unfortunate to be inside and unable to toast your marshmallow over the campfire, you could place this assembled concoction in the microwave. BUT, use EXTREME caution and set your time for about 5 seconds, watching the microwave VERY closely. OR- you WILL have a BIG mess! Ask me how I know...

What's not to love about the original s'more? Nothing! Maybe looking for a little variety though? Try strawberry marshmallows and coconut-coated marshmallows! Or, you could always make your own home-made marshmallows~ but we'll save that recipe for another day.

Strawberry marshmallows are especially a hit if you need something more special, such as a treat for a more 'girly' outdoor birthday party, and the coconut marshmallows work great for the 'guy' parties! Try finding both varieties at your local grocery store.

OK. Are you ready? I've saved the BEST for last. There typically isn't anything that beats that original treat~ Except for this. Our ALL-TIME FAVORITE twist! It's simple~ just one teeny, tiny little substitution~ Drum-role please! Ta da!!

It's the Resess's Peanut Butter Cup. Just add it to your graham cracker and toasted marshmallow instead of that plain old Hershey Bar and LOOK OUT! Pure yumminess!

Remember the Golden Rule~ Be nice, make some extra, and share! (And remember, if you're in charge of assembly, you MUST be sure to test before serving to others- it's the proper thing to do. Of course this step serves only to ensure the s'more is worthy of your guests!) Enjoy!

The best answer to the question of "How to Make Smores?" ANY way you want! You can't go wrong!

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