Fun Indoor Games For Kids

Enjoy our ever growing list of indoor games for kids. Most submissions are from visitors while some are from our own experiences with our four wonderful children.

I have tried to keep this site simple, so as to make it faster to find your favorite game.

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*Picnic: Picnic is a cute way to make a dreary day seem brighter. For this game you simply need a picnic blanket and some food. Spread out the blanket on the floor and have the kids all gather around for an indoor picnic. If you don’t want to have a real picnic, you can use pretend food and have a pretend picnic. Kids will love using their imagination.

*Tea Party: Tea Party is a fun game girls will enjoy. Allow your little girl to dress up in some of your old dress clothes and attend a formal tea party. Your little one will love feeling like she is a grown up and will enjoy spending quality time with you.

-- Indoor Games For Kids --

*Living Room Bowling: What kid wouldn’t like to go bowling in his living room? With some imagination and creativity, you can make this happen for your child. For this game, you will need some modeling clay, plastic cups, duct tape and a small ball, such as a tennis ball. Drop a ball of clay in ten plastic cups. Then, invert another cup on the top and tape together. The cups will then become your bowling pins. Stack the cups in a triangular formation, just like you would find them at the bowling alley. Then, use the small ball to roll down the alley and try and knock the pins over.

*Penguin Shuffle: Find a small item, such as a beanbag or small ball. Then, place the object in between the first player’s knees. The object of the game is to try and make it across the room without dropping the object. If you have enough players, you can turn the game into a small relay race.

*Charades: Charades is a great game that older kids will enjoy playing. The object of the game is to act out a particular person, place or thing and have the audience guess what you are acting out. Be ready to laugh with this game!! Maybe you have some future actors..

-- Indoor Games For Kids --

*Observation: Find 10-15 items in the house and place on a tray. For younger kids, you can use fewer items. Keep the items covered up until the game begins. Next, give the kids a chance to look at the items for 60 seconds. Then, you will remove the items from the kids view and have them try to recall as many items as possible. The person who can recall the most items will win the game.

*Feeling Box: You can place an item in a box or a bag and let the children try and guess what the item is. You can either blind fold the kids or have them turn away so they cannot see the item in the bag. For every item they guess right, they get a point. The child with the most points wins the game.

-- Indoor Games For Kids --

*Scent Box: This is a slight variation of the feeling box game. You can place various items in containers that cannot be seen through. Pick items with distinct smells such as pickles, lemons and cinnamon. Then, have the child smell the items and try and guess what each one is.

*Blind Penny Hunt: With this game, you will want to make sure you clear out an area where kids can safely crawl around without knocking anything over. Then, you will need to blindfold the kids and spread pennies all around the room. Allow the kids to crawl around on the floor and try and pick up as many pennies as they can. The child with the most pennies wins the game.

*Play Bingo: What kid doesn’t love playing bingo? You can either purchase an actual bingo game or design one yourself. If you have younger kids, you will want to make a bingo card with pictures. Other variations would be for girls, use various different princesses. For boys, you could use a variety of different cars on the bingo board. Then, you call out the object or number. The first one to complete a row wins the game.

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