Preschool Games For Kids

Rainy days are bound to come along. However, there are many fun preschool games for kids that can be played indoors that your preschoolers are sure to enjoy; in fact, you may even enjoy getting in on the fun yourself.

So, for those rainy days, or even days that are too hot for outdoor games, the following are a few indoor games for preschoolers that are sure to keep them occupied.

*Eye Spy: – More than likely at some point in time you played this game yourself, but eye spy is a game that never grows old. You won’t need anything for this game except a bit of time. Get all the kids together in one room and have them sit anywhere they want around the room. One person gets to go first, and takes a look around the room and says, “I spy with my little eye, something green.” (or any other color he or she may spy) The other kids have to try and guess what the thing is that they were talking about. The person who guesses correctly gets to have their turn next.

*Hot or Cold: – If you think that hide and seek may be a bit too rowdy for the house, a game of hot or cold may be just the thing you’re looking for. What you’ll need is a few objects or even some candy that you can hide. Show the kids what you will be hiding, and then have them go away while you hide the things around the home. Then have the kids start looking, for the objects you have hidden. When they get closer to the object, tell them they are hotter, or if they get further away, tell them they are colder. You can even let the kids take turn hiding things as well.

-- Preschool Games For Kids --

*The Pillow Toss: – For this game you’ll need several throw pillows, although you may not want to use your best ones for the game. To play, have one child sit on the couch, or a bed will do too, and they’ll have all the throw pillows with them. Then, another child will run back and forth across the room between two points. The child on the couch uses the throw pillows to try and hit the child that is running back and forth. This is an easy game, and you can have several kids playing; however, you may want to make sure that any breakables are out of the way in case your child has bad aim.

*Toy Stories: – No, we’re not talking about the movies here, but an actual game. All you need for this game is a bit of time, and it’s a great way to see what your child is thinking as well. Gather all the kids around and perhaps have them sit in a circle. Have each child come up with a story about what their favorite toys do at night when everyone else is sleeping. No doubt everyone will get a laugh, and you’ll learn a lot about the imagination of your children.

-- Preschool Games For Kids --

*Pirate Treasure: – Most kids are thrilled with pirates and love the idea of finding treasure too, so this is a game the kids are sure to enjoy. You’ll need to have some cheap little toys or even some snacks that you can hide all around the house. Hide the treasures all around the house and then leave some clues in different places or even draw out a treasure map that will help the kids find the treasure that you have hidden.

*Toy Memory Game: – This game is great for working on the memory skills of your children. All you need is a few toys or other household objects that you can find around the home. Have the kids sit down, and then take the toys or other objects, and place about five or six of them in front of the kids. Let them look closely and try to remember, then have them all close their eyes and take away one of the objects. Once they open up their eyes, the one who figures out which object is missing, is the winner. The winner can then do the same thing again. What a great way to work on some skills while you have fun with your preschoolers.

-- Preschool Games For Kids --

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