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Welcome to our toddler learning activities page. Here you will find an ever-growing list of the best games kids can play.

We have started with some of our Family's favorites. What are your favorites? Help our family create the largest free resource for toddler games on the internet, use this form to take part in this free resource for all to use!

Who knows you may find a new favorite for your Family!

-- Best Toddler Learning Activities --

*The Shape Game: You can use an old shoe box, and save money! With a hobby knife cut a square, circle and triangle in the top of the lid. With colored markers, take the cutouts and color one red, blue, and the last green. Now you can have fun teaching your toddler which shapes fit in the appropriate holes and match the colors. After the game is over don't be surprised if the box turns into Teddy Bear's Bed!!

*Stacking Boxes: Materials needed: Old boxes laying around of various sizes. Have fun with your toddler as they stack and play with their boxes. Explain how to build a strong base by stacking the bigger boxes first and then the smaller ones. Have them try to use the smaller ones first- what happens? Let their imaginations run wild! Our children loved to stack and tape their boxes into one large fort or house, a very inexpensive way to keep them entertained for hours!

*Nature Walks: We are fortunate to have a nice park and woods not far from our home, and we have spent many hours in both! We would take many walks to the park, discovering new bugs and animals or just smelling flowers. Ask what their favorites are, talk about how they grow or how that grasshopper hops. From a nature walk we discovered a Praying Mantis- what a beautiful creature. That discovery turned into a science project for my son. From a kit we bought Mantis eggs and grew our own Praying Mantis's "cool project"! There are many great things to be learned from nature and it's a great way to spend time with your children! Another favorite is laying in the grass on a warm summer day, looking to the clouds and having the children look for shapes of animals or objects.

-- Best Toddler Learning Activities --

*A Treasure Hunt: Using your toddler's favorite toys, hide three or four throughout the house. Walking through the house together, give small clues to help them find their treasures. Remember at this age attention span is short, so keep everything low and easy to find. Try letting them hide the toys, and you find them. Make a big deal with their hiding spots, say things like, "Wow what a great spot, I would never have found it without your help! or I wish I would have found that spot!" Your child will love searching for and finding treasures with you. Also a great game to be played outside on those warm summer days!

*Story Time!: Reading can help your child develop a longer attention span, and they love the time spent together. Books with colorful pictures and silly stories are a favorite with our children. Jacob our 3 year old loves animal books. If you have read a book to the point of memorization, try letting your child fill in some of the words. Let them tell the story in their own words. This helps develop their language skills and goes a long way at developing a love for reading.

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