Toddler Music Activities, Our Family Favorites

There are many toddler music activities that you can play when you are listening to music. These games may require a couple of toddlers but they are a fun game for toddler as well.

*Musical Chairs: You will need a chair for all but one child. Arrange the chairs into a circle with the children standing inside of them. When the music plays they have to dance around in the ring of chairs. When you stop the music, all of the young kids race to the chairs to see who can get a chair. The person that is left without a chair is out and must sit. You can reduce the chairs as you play till there is only one toddler left. He/She is the winner!!

*Hokey Pokey: Kids love to sing and play this classic! The song tells you how to dance as you sing along. Here's a link with all lyrics and music, just click and dance!

-- Toddler Music Activities --

*Follow The Leader: Musical "Follow The Leader" teaches children to follow the rules. In this game the children dance in a line following what the leader does. If the leader jumps three times the rest of the children must follow or do whatever the leader comes up with. Lots of fun for your toddlers, there's no end to their antics at this age!

*Chicken Dance: Another fun game for toddler that you can add to your collection of fun music activities is the Chicken Dance. This is a great game that is played with music of your choice and is entertaining as well. While the music is playing the kids have to pretend that they are a chicken and dance how they think chickens would dance. An excellent way to have your toddler burn off that sugar he or she just ate! Can you say ~ nap time!!

Have a group of toddlers try The Original Chicken Dance.

-- Toddler Music Activities --

*Statue: In this game the music plays and when it stops the children have to hold as solid as they can. This game teaches the children to listen for the queue that tells them to stop. When a child moves they are out and must sit. This goes on until the last child is standing, they are the winner!

*Crossing The River: In this game you need cardboard, masking tape, and toddlers. Taking the cardboard and cutting it out to look like rocks you lay them on the floor and use the masking tape to keep them down. When the music plays, the kids have to cross the river by going along the "rocks" then when the music stops they have to stop without falling off. Vary the sizes according to age and level of difficulty. Great for their balance and coordination.

*Ribbon Dance: Materials needed: popsicle sticks and some string or colored yarn. Start by tying the ribbon onto the popsicle sticks and give them to the children. When the music turns on they have to wave the stick around and make designs with their ribbon in the air. This game is not only fun but educational as well because they children are learning cause and effect. When they move the stick (the cause) the ribbon moves (effect).

-- Toddler Music Activities --

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