Toddler Outdoor Activity, Our Family Favorites

The sun is shinning and you want to enjoy it with your children.

Toddler outdoor activity is what you need!

Games are for ages 1-4. All outdoor activity should have adult supervision. Listed here are some of our favorites! Enjoy!

Cardboard Box House--The large boxes from new appliances, such as refrigerators or stoves work the best. If you need some check with your local home center, sometimes they will just give them to you. With a utility knife cut windows and a door to create a house. Spark their creativity and have them paint or color their playhouse. Add more boxes and create a cardboard box mansion! This very simple and inexpensive toddler outdoor activity will keep them busy for hours.

Bubble Run--Every toddler loves bubbles! With some bubble solution, blow bubbles into the air and allow toddlers to chase and catch them. Show them how to catch without breaking, if you can!!

Ball Toss--Help develop motor and coordination skills with this toddler outdoor activity! Grab a large beach ball and blanket. Sit on blanket, one on each end and toss the ball back and forth. As their skills develop you can use a smaller ball and move farther away from each other.

Duck Duck Goose!--This is my two year olds favorite! Gather everyone around in a circle and sit down. Have one child or adult be the Duck. Walk around the circle repeating Duck-Duck-Duck while tapping each person individually on the head. When you have someone in your sights to be the goose, you tap that person on the head and say Goose!! This person must jump up and try to catch the Duck, while running around the circle. When caught, this person now sits and the process repeats until everyone is bored or tired!

Simon Says--Great for developing their listening skills. First choose someone to be Simon-usually an adult or parent. Have the children stand in line, and with the phrase "Simon Says", ask them to do something. Such as: "Simon Says stand on one foot", or "Simon Says touch your nose". Have fun with this, you'll get many laughs with this game!! Now simply ask the children to do a move without saying Simon Says. Did someone move, and Simon didn't say? "oops" they must sit out! This continues until only one child is left standing, he or she is the winner.

Follow The Leader--Line the children up and show them how to play, by following the first in line. Usually the adult will be the one leading until the older ones get the hang of it. Have fun moving in different directions, skipping, walking sideways or just plain being silly! The kids love this game and it's great for developing their motor skills. They never seem to run out of moves to try and get the other kids to do!

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