Toddler Party Games, Our Family Favorites

Need toddler party games for a birthday party or family picnic? Have no fear we got you covered! Toddlers are notorious for having a short attention span and not giving yourself enough options can cause stress during a party. Here are some ideas when you are getting ready for the party.

*Beanbag Races: Beanbag Races are fun toddler party games for children that need a challenge or just want to have fun. In this game the child has to partner up and work together to win the race. One child has to be on the ground crawling on their hands and knees with a beanbag on their back. The object is to see what team gets to the other side first without having the beanbag fall off. The partner on the team is going to pick the beanbag up when it falls and put it where it belongs on the partners back.

*Pinwheel Contest: You will need to buy some pinwheels from a dollar store or party supply store for this game. Have the children hold the pinwheels in their hands and see who can get their pinwheel to go the fastest. They can blow on them or run around and have the wind spin them. It is easier if they stand still so you can see who gets theirs moving faster, but it's doubtful you'll be able to keep your group still for long. Very cheap entertainment and its a great gift to let them go home with..

-- Toddler Party Games --

*Bubbles: In this game adults who are watching the toddlers can blow the bubbles while the toddlers run after them. Another option is having the toddlers blow bubbles or taking turns blowing bubbles. Also see if they can catch the bubbles without popping them. Great for helping them develop their hand eye coordination. When playing this game you need to think of the mess they are going to make when choosing how and where they are going to play the game.

*Hide And Seek: A timeless classic! Have the toddlers take turns seeking and being the one who hides. This teaches them how to share and interact with others their age. The toddler who is it can also practice counting or can ask for assistance to know when it is time to go seek other players. This game also brings out the detective in your toddler and helps them learn analytical thinking and reasoning.

-- Toddler Party Games --

*Hidden Treasure: In this game the toddlers are told to find a certain thing and they have to go out in the grass or home and search for it. When they find it they bring it to you to be hidden again. There are a many items that you can send them for like pebbles, leaves, toys and such. Also give them a turn and let them hide the item and you have to find it! My kids like this better than trying to find it themselves. They can be very creative at this age!

*Balloon Toss: A great summer party game! You will need a bucket full of water balloons for the toddlers. The toddlers can throw the balloons at each other or just throw them at random objects you have designated. You could also have them form two lines about two feet from each other and have them throw the balloons back and forth until someone drops or balloon breaks. After each throw have them take a step back from each other, see what team can throw the farthest without breaking their balloon!

-- Toddler Party Games --

*Red Rover: In this game you make two human chains out of the toddlers. One team picks a toddler from the other side and they call "red rover red rover send __ right over" ~inserting the child's name that they pick~. That child has to run over to the other side and see if they can break their chain in one spot. They will sleep good after playing this one all day!

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