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Outdoor water games should be a part of every child's life, and one of the best places for a child to have a good time is with fun water games.

Whether in the nearby lake or a backyard pool, there are a variety of exciting kids water games that can make the time in the water even more exciting. So, the following are a few great pool and water games that you may want to try with your kids the next time you're having fun in the water.

-- Outdoor Water Games --

*Relay Race with Tugboats: - One exciting game to try out in the pool is a tugboat relay race. You'll need to have several people, a couple floating rafts, and two ropes as well. You'll want to have two teams of people, and you'll also need to have a place to tie the ropes across the pool or people to hold them. The teams will have a raft and a rope, and using arms only on the rope, the goal is to get across the pool and back. The first team that gets all their people across the pool and back will be the winning team.

-- Outdoor Water Games --

*Fill Up the Bottle: - If you aren't afraid of getting a bit wet, this game can be great fun. You'll need a couple 20 oz plastic bottles, paper cups, and a bucket full of water. Set up two different teams, and have one person on each team lay on the ground with the 20 oz plastic bottle held on their forehead. Then their team members will have to run across to the bucket of water, fill their cup, and come back to pour their cup of water into the 20 oz bottle while standing up straight. To win the 20 oz bottle will have to be totally filled and the person with the bottle must run to the finish line without spilling the water out of the bottle.

*Water Splash Jump Rope: - For this fun water game, you'll need a jump rope, some water, and a couple of plastic cups. You'll also need to have two people to twirl the jump rope. While the jump rope is being twirled, the players will need to hold their cup of water and attempt to do three jumps in a row, trying to keep their water from spilling. The person who has the most water in their cup after jumping is the winner. Of course a variation of the game is to continue playing the game until one person only has water in their cup.

-- Outdoor Water Games --

*Porpoise Relay: - Another exciting game to play is Porpoise relay. You'll need a couple of beach balls and of course a swimming pool. Divide the players into two teams, and then the first person on each team is going to have to swim the length of the pool and back while pushing the beach ball only with their forehead and nose. If any other part of their body touches the beach ball, they have to start back where the problem occurred. Then once they finish the next player will go, until one team finally finishes first.

*Shark and Mermaid Tag: - Basically this game is played a lot like tag, but it is done in the water. One person is picked to be the shark, and the rest of the players are the mermaids. The shark has to start on one end of the pool and when he says go, the mermaids have to swim across the pool and back again to safety. While they are swimming, the shark dives in and tries to tag the mermaids before they make it. If the shark tags someone, they are frozen and another person can unfreeze them. If the shark can tag everyone he wins, but if the mermaids can all make it back to safety, then they win the game.

-- Outdoor Water Games --

*Wet Twister: - If you happen to have the game of twister, a great variation during the summer is to play water twister. What you'll need is the twister game, a hose, and someone to be in charge of the hose while the game is being played. You go ahead and play the twister game like usual, the only catch is that you have the person in charge of the hose constantly hosing down the game whenever they feel like it. This makes the game much more interest, slippery, and definitely wet.

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